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Online Dating – 14 Important Dos and Don’ts

Online Dating -AffectionGuide
Online Dating -AffectionGuide

With Covid 19 messing up things for the entire world. Online dating is now the preference of young adults. We all have at least tried one of the many prevalent dating apps and some have even found their soulmates there. But still, online dating is a bit riskier than going on a date with someone introduced by a friend. Here are some dos and don’ts of online dating that will help you. Not only will they keep you safe, but also help you reach out to a prospective partner in a better way.

The concept of online dating picked up the pace with the increasing popularity of social networking sites like Facebook. You meet someone online, have a chat, and decide to go on a date in the real world.

And let’s be frank. Online dating is way more convenient than offline dating. You can be sitting on your bed in flannel onesies while having a romantic chat with the other person without worrying about being judged.

Moreover, there are millions of potential dates at the swipe of your thumb. The dating profiles also give you a fair idea about what the other person wants, and you are spared from the effort of figuring the basics out for the first few dates.

Why Dos and Don’ts?

No matter if you have just made a profile on a dating site or have been a member of multiple dating sites for years, the realization that online dating is different from offline dating comes quickly.

There are similarities between online and offline dating since the motive and the end-goal are nearly the same. But when talking about the etiquettes, rules, and the process, things vary significantly.

The following dos and don’ts will help you not mess up things for yourself and the other person. And may help you get a clearer idea way earlier than in the case of offline dating.

Online Dating: 7 Dos You Should Take Care Of

These 7 dos of online dating will help you get a better experience and save you from any negative experiences.

1. Set the First Meeting in a Public Place

This is a no-brainer. People while chatting over the internet may appear to be friendly and trustworthy but the reality can be drastically different. No matter if you are a male or a female, it is better to meet in a public place for the first time. Not only will there be people around to help you out if anything goes wrong, but you will also build trust in the eyes of your date for being thoughtful about safety.

Set the First Meeting in a Public Place-AffectionGuide
Set the First Meeting in a Public Place-AffectionGuide

Your date might not be a serial killer planning to kill you, but a public place sure stops unwanted sexual advances. The point may appear to be more relevant for women, but men too can benefit from it and handle unwanted situations in a better manner.

2. Inform People Close to You About the Date

Keep in mind that you are going to meet a total stranger and take every precaution you can. Inform your friends or someone from your family about where you are going. Ask them to call you after an hour or so to check on things. If everything is going okay, you can simply tell your friend that you will be home in some time, if not you can pull an excuse in front of your date and leave.

Also, it will be helpful if you get stranded or your phone gets dead. Since people know where you went, they can easily reach out and look for you.

3. Better to Have Your Mode of Transport

Never be dependent on the other person to pick you up for the first date in an online dating scenario. It is an easy way to get stranded and be at your date’s mercy. If you do not have a vehicle of your own and can’t borrow one from your friend, pick a place that you can easily reach using public transport like a taxi or bus, or on foot. Self-dependency not only shows that you are a confident person but also keeps the creeps away if they feel that they have no chance.

4. Keep Some Cash at Hand

There is a prevalent trend that men pay for the date in the offline dating world. Many men believe that they should pay for the date. Even women who ask a man out are willing to pay for the date as they are the ones who made the first move. But when it comes to online dating, things can be a bit different. Many online daters believe that since both parties are practically strangers, they should pay for themselves.

In any case, carry some cash and your bank card. You don’t know what kind of a person you are going to meet. And even if they are the ones paying for the date, you can pay for the next activity you might want to go to. Also, cash comes in handy in adverse situations. What if your car breaks down while you are returning home? Keeping money at hand is a good practice anytime you go out.

5. Proper Hygiene is Non-negotiable

Internet is now filled with weird, funny, good, bad, and tragic dating experiences. Everyone shares on the internet, no matter if what they are sharing is good or not. A whole lot of people have complained online about their date showing up with bad breath, untidy clothes, unkempt hair, and bad body odor. Moreover, improper hygiene sends a wrong message.

No matter how messy your job is, or how busy your day was if you show up smelling bad things are going to end before they start. Consider this, you would not like to read a story about how bad an impression you put on your date while surfing online.

6. Be Polite Even if Things are Unexpected

Walking out of date when things go unexpected is rude and shows your bad personality trait like impatience and arrogance. It is okay to get angry and walk out of a date if you expected someone 120 pounds to show up and the date in front of you looks more than 400 pounds. Or if they look nothing like the person you say in the dating profile photos.

But small differences like a change in haircut, a pimple on the face, or a little more tummy are not the reason to write them off. Consider this, looks will soon fade away, personality is what you should go for. And even if you do not like the person, there is no need to be rude to them and hurt their self-confidence.

7. Thank Them for a Good Time

Being upfront about your date can be the best thing you can do. The worst thing that can happen to a person going on a date is to be kept hanging, wondering what’s next. People often think that it is okay to just disappear since they do not know their date that well. But what if this was done to you?

Thank Them for a Good Time-AffectionGuide
Thank Them for a Good Time-AffectionGuide

You can never say when you are going to meet the person next. Moreover, a polite thank-you text for the pleasant evening leaves a good impression, even if you decline the request for the second date. They might get a bit upset after rejection, but they will soon be glad that you were honest and upfront with them.

Online Dating: 7 Don’ts You Should be Vary Of

While the 7 Dos ensure that you have a good time with minimal risk, the 7 Don’ts make sure that you have a great time and make a great first impression.

1. Meeting After Months of Chatting Online

People have different offline and online personas. Sometimes the difference is not that much, but some people behave drastically differently online vs offline. You should get to know about this difference sooner than later. Realizing that your talkative and loving online date is very shy in real life can come as a shock.

Meeting After Months of Chatting Online-AffectionGuide
Meeting After Months of Chatting Online-AffectionGuide

If you are just chatting online for months, you will make some ideas and fantasies about the person. It is better to meet the other person in time so that you don’t make dreams too different from reality.

2. Going to Other Person’s Place for the First Date

This is a big no from a safety point of view for both women and men. You can never be sure of the other person’s reality and one wrong move can turn into a tragedy. Not only is it dangerous, but also increases the chances of something sexual happening. Although first-date sex is more of a personal preference, it often leads to a negative experience.

You might be falling for the person, but the chances of their disappearance are considerably higher after the first date. If you are really into the other person, you can wait for the third date, can’t you?

3. Indecent Pictures Before Meeting are an Absolute No

People often share their sexy pictures with their significant others to woo them and keep things steamy. But sharing such pictures with a stranger you have just started talking to is not a good idea. You don’t want your private photographs to be published online by some creep. Safeguarding yourself is your responsibility and precautions are better than cure.

Be responsible and aware of what kind of details are you revealing about yourself to the other person. Do not share anything too personal. Your address, banking details, and where you spend most of your time are sensitive details. Talk about yourself, what you like, what kind of a person you are is more important than those personal details at the start of online dating.

4. Bringing Someone Along for the Date

Your date is coming to meet and know about you, not your friend, sister, or your pet. If and only if you have plans for a double date, can you take someone along with you for the date? Leaving out the exceptions, a date should involve just the two of you. If you are worried about your safety and want a friend to accompany you, ask them to hang out and wait someplace nearby, but taking them with you will send out a wrong message only.

5. Not Being Punctual

Being late never sets the right impression. And as people say, the first impression is indeed the last. If you show up late for the date, it will show that you do not value your date’s time. In addition, your date may leave before you reach thinking that you are not going to show up and have left them hanging.

If for some reason, like a traffic jam or a stretched-out meeting, you get late, make sure that you inform them beforehand. It will make a positive impression in your mind that you are as excited as them about the date and are also considerate about the other’s feelings.

6. Showing Too Much Skin

Even if you are smitten by your date and would like to hook up as soon as possible, some things are better left to the imagination. Wearing a dress that shows too much skin might send the wrong signal to your date. And they might think that you are just interested in hooking up even if you are planning to get into a serious relationship.

Showing Too Much Skin-AffectionGuide
Showing Too Much Skin-AffectionGuide

Also, people often do not take you seriously if you dress in a revealing manner on the first date. No one is asking you to not do things that you want to. Just a little bit of precaution can help you come out of embarrassing situations.

7. Sending Too Many Texts After the Date

It is a good idea to thank your date for the pleasant evening. But, bombarding them with frequent messages is a bad idea. Constantly trying to get their attention and talk to them will present you as a clingy person. This personality trait is one of the biggest roadblocks for a budding relationship.

After a first date, a person needs time to introspect and think things through. Give them that space. Say thank you and let them respond at their own pace. Online dating can be a completely new experience for you but with these Dos and Don’ts, you are sure to have a great time without endangering yourself.

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