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How To Be A Good Girlfriend-Impossible to Resist

How to Be a Good Girlfriend-Impossible to resist-AffectionGuide
How to Be a Good Girlfriend-Impossible to resist-AffectionGuide

Well, relationship management has surely turned out to be a major concern for this busy but alone generation. It’s really a bit confusing as different couples face different problems. One’s major issue might not be that serious for the other. There are some positive as well as some negative aspects of a young relationship and it seems quite hard for one to stand on the other’s requirements.

In this guide, we have come up with the top 7 Tips for young girls to be responsible and good girlfriends and keep you man happy and satisfied.

  1. Give each other some space

If you keep sticking with him all the time, he will possibly be annoyed someday affecting your relationship in a bad way. It’s better to take a mental rest for both of you as well as you can also buy some free time to spend with your friends. Your friends love your relationship but they also love you as an individual and spending some time with them can give you fresh and exciting things and activities to share with your man.

It is said, “Distance determines the purity of a relationship”.

When you take a break of a day or two, you’ll feel more connected to your bae making you fonder for him.

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  1. Show your care for him

Your little efforts to show that you care for him can make him super delighted. It is important that you keep it simple and real with doing small things. For example, you can cook his favorite dish if you can or order it online randomly or when his favorite show has returned on Netflix or other streams.

Show your care for him-AffectionGuide
Show your care for him-AffectionGuide

You can ask him for a morning workout or jogging, play his favorite games, watch his favorite shows together, and look out for the things that are important for him. What you have to avoid is over showing and doing unrealistic actions. You’ll have to understand that your partner also cares for himself so you don’t need to take everything in charge.

It is said, “Care more than seems to be a burden”.

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  1. Share your issues and concerns with him

Make him feel that he means something special to you by sharing your issues and concerns with him. If you have some urge to see his messages in his absence, question yourself and try to figure out what the reality is.

If you still feel insecure and think that they are concealing something, you can simply share your feeling instead of immediately thinking of the negative side and being worried.

Sharing your feelings will create a soft but strong bond between the two of you as he will be happy to know that you want to think positively and want a long-term relationship.

Another side of the theory is that communication lack is a relationship killer. The communication gap gradually creates bad thoughts and leads to a fall-down.

  1. Be a friend with his friends

Friends are someone who plays a vital role in your relationship growth. It will be always better to have a sweet relationship with their buddies and partners because whenever something bad happens (like a fight between you two); it is the friends that can convince him and help you to resolve the issue and get everything back on track.

The thing you have to avoid is again over-showing. If you suddenly treat your friends like your beasties, it will be a bit awkward for all of you as well as this might affect your partner in the wrong way.

Be genuine; respect and enjoy with the people he cares about and show them that you can be comfortable around them.

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  1. Avoid gifting him too much costly gifts with

We don’t say that you should never gift him what he likes but doing this repeatedly might leave a bad influence over him. You have to learn that love doesn’t require exchange of things and other stuff to grow; it is a pure feeling which requires a pure with clear intentions. Gifting him expensive gifts can create a bad thought in his mind that you only care about money which may lead to an unfortunate end of your relationship.

Yes, you can surely gift him with cute and adorable gifts in budget instead of spending all your money on buying a thing. Gifting less expensive gifts will also help you in saving the money for future activities.

  1. Buy some time for him

We understand you may be busy at your work which is not a bad thing but making this excuse all the time can make your partner feel irritating and insecure as well. That is why relationships are said to be tough to handle. You can prove yourself as a good girlfriend or life partner by just buying some time for him and their loved ones (the parents). You can hang out with his parents and raise your image before them, go to his favorite places even if you are an indoor cat, or watch his favorite shows along with him.

Buy some time for him-AffectionGuide
Buy some time for him-AffectionGuide

This will make him feel that he is your priority and you are always there for him and in the return you can get the same type of response from him that’ll strengthen your relationship.

  1. Show some possessiveness

Yes, we are guiding you here in How to be a good girlfriend but you get also deserves the same kind of response from the opposite side. Never be shy at expressing your feelings before your partner because sometimes it is really important to convey your feelings in order to put everything on track.

When you are doing so many to make others happy, it is very important that you care for yourself and go before your own dreams otherwise you’ll possibly burn yourself out and become discontented of your man which is surely not a good thing. If he is not giving you the time and support you really need, you must ask or complain him for this and if he doesn’t seem to be serious about you, it would be the right choice to step out of that relationship because ultimately it’s going to end up toxically.

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