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Does Your Ex-Boyfriend Miss You?

Does Your Ex-Boyfriend Miss You?-AffectionGuide
Does Your Ex-Boyfriend Miss You?-AffectionGuide

If he appears to be stalking you on social media, liking and commenting on your photos, it’s likely he’s missing you. Most men take a long time to recover from a failed relationship; some can move on fast, but most men find it difficult to do so. Men and women have distinct ways of expressing their affection, as well as different ways of expressing their longing for someone. Men tend to display less indications than women; he may show you a few signs and hints to let you know he’s missing you, and then act as if he’s over you after some time. As a woman, all you have to do is put out the effort to see if he still likes you and, if so, if he’s missing you. In this quiz, you’ll find signs to help you figure out if your ex-boyfriend is missing you.


Has your ex claimed to be sorry for whatever mistake he must have made?

What was your ex’s reason for reaching out to you?

Does he show jealousy towards your new dating life?

Does he frequently show up unexpectedly?

How long have you both been apart?

Does he always reach out to you?

Does he call or text you?

Is your ex-boyfriend in a relationship?

Does he display strong emotions about you?

Does your ex still claim to be in a relationship with you?

Does Your Ex-Boyfriend Miss You?
Your ex-boyfriend misses you

Your ex-boyfriend seems to miss you and wants you back in his life; this could be due to boredom or a desire for seeing you again. If you still miss him and want him back in your life, you might want to look into this.
Your ex-boyfriend does not miss you

Your ex-boyfriend appears to be content and has moved on with his life. He's probably into someone else already or soon will be, and you'll have to move on and forget about him.

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