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Do You Trust Your Partner?

Do You Trust Your Partner?-AffectionGuide
Do You Trust Your Partner?-AffectionGuide

Love is the foundation of any healthy and successful relationship. Love binds two people together for the rest of their lives. Trust is born from this affection. How much of this trust is required for a good relationship? Take this quiz to see how much trust you have in your relationship! It will assist you in identifying your current levels of trust and helping you to increase them in order to have a better relationship.


Do you keep certain faults a secret from your partner in fear that they might be used against you?

Does your partner spend a lot of time with close friends and family members that clearly do not like you?

When you apologize to your partner for doing wrong, are you later reminded about what you had done after getting in an argument?

Does your partner get angry when you ask for an explanation about them arriving home late?

If your partner comes home later than expected do you tend to think that they are doing something wrong?

When you meet your partner’s friends and relatives, do they speak about personal situations that you shared in confidence with your partner?

Have you met friends and colleagues of your partner who were surprised to learn that you were married?

Are you comfortable with your partner knowing all of your personal passwords and keys to locks?

Do you suspect or know that your partner has a secret bank account without your name on it?

If you lost your wallet, are you comfortable with your partner looking through your drawers, pockets etc. to help you find it?

Do You Trust Your Partner?
Your trust is unshakeable.

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Your partner freely confides in you about all aspects of his or her life. Your partner has your absolute love and unflinching trust. You feel your partner would never deceive you and would always act in the best interests of the relationship. Only a great deal of maturity and understanding can lead to this degree of trust.
Your trust in your partner is rational.

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Even if you live with your partner, you are a self-sufficient individual. You are aware of the ultimate reality of this world, namely that it is extremely impossible for a human to remain true to a single person throughout their lives. You are aware that problems may develop in the future and are prepared to deal with them on your own. You have faith in your partner, but only to a certain extent. This does not imply that you are skeptical of your partner's activities or that you are cynical about everything. You adore your partner, but you prefer to keep things in perspective.

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