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Do You Have A Lazy Partner?

Do You Have A Lazy Partner?-AffectionGuide
Do You Have A Lazy Partner?-AffectionGuide

Do you ever feel like you are putting in most of the work around the house or with other responsibilities in your relationship/marriage? Do you feel like your partner just expects you to take care of things while they just sit back and relax? Do these things seem to cause frequent arguments between you two? You may have been wondering, “Is my partner lazy?” If you can relate to the questions above, you might be feeling like you have a partner who is lazy, selfish, or unappreciative of everything you do. You may be sick of having the same fights over and over about how you are always the one taking care of things, planning things, or just trying to do things you know will make him happy and rarely getting the same in return. Do you have a lazy partner, or is it something else? Take this quiz to find out.


Have you ever tried to sit down and split up the responsibilities evenly, so you both know what is expected?

Do they act like their responsibilities and/or job is more important/stressful than yours?

Is this something new you are noticing in your partner, or have they always been this way?

Have you ever tried to tell them what you want/need from them to make this better?

Does your partner get annoyed with you if you are too tired or not in the mood for sex?

Does your partner clean up after themselves?

Do they ever use manipulation or threats to get their way and not have to make any changes?

Does your partner have any household responsibilities that they routinely do i.e., cooking, washing dishes, taking out the trash, cutting the grass, etc.?

What do they typically do while you are doing things around the house?

Do You Have A Lazy Partner?
Your Partner Is Not Lazy

Join in on their Interests-AffectioGuide

Your partner isn’t lazy, they just have a few moments when they’re too overwhelmed or occupied with their work and other responsibilities when they tend to get a little distracted.
Seems Like Your Partner Is Lazy

Your partner tends to be more lazy than usual and if this is creating major problems in your relationship and day to day life. You might consider having a serious discussion with them or even couples therapy if the need arises.

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