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Does Your Girlfriend Hate You?

Does Your Girlfriend Hate You?-AffectionGuide
Does Your Girlfriend Hate You?-AffectionGuide

Relationships are not perfect, and most of the time, the girlfriends are the ones that suffer the most. That’s because they have to keep secrets, keep calm even when they are about to lose it, and they also get criticized if their relationship is not in order. So, as a man, you must make sure you respect her and honor her for all that she does for you. So, do you think your girlfriend hates you? Take this quiz and find out now.


Do you often tell your girlfriend how much you care about her?

Do you take your girlfriend’s advice most of the time?

Do you refuse to support your girlfriend’s choices?

Do you offer gifts to your girlfriend?

Do you leave your girlfriend by herself all the time?

Do you disagree with your girlfriend all the time?

Do you argue all the time with your girlfriend?

Are you able to remember your girlfriend’s birthday?

Do you put your girlfriend down all the time?

Do you offer flowers to your girlfriend?

Does Your Girlfriend Hate You?
Your Girlfriend Does Not Hate You

Learns to enjoy you and appreciate you-AffectionGuide

It appears like you are in the clear. You have a good relationship with your girlfriend. You may have normal relationship issues as everyone else but that isn’t something that can’t be solved. Keep working on this very strong relationship.
You girlfriend might resent you to some extent

Your girlfriend might have some resentment towards but she does not completely hate you. This is the perfect time to talk to her about what is concerning her before it gets even more serious.

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