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Are You Polyamorous?

Are You Polyamorous?-AffectionGuide
Are You Polyamorous?-AffectionGuide

Polyamory is defined as the voluntary and responsible non-monogamy practise of having multiple partners at the same time. All of the partners are aware of the decision and are happy to contribute to the way of life. As previously stated, it differs from polygamy in that it does not involve marriage; all that is required is consent from an adult. So, do you consider yourself polyamorous? Now is your chance to find out by taking our quiz.


How many partners do you currently have?

Does each one of your partners know each other?

Do you find it exhaustive being with many people at once?

Does each one of your partners have partners as well?

Do you find it impossible to stay with just one person all your life?

Do you feel jealous if your partner gets too close with someone else?

Do you intend on having children with your partners

Will you be willing to marry one of these current partners?

Is this a long-term choice of living?

Does each one of your partners consent to this lifestyle?

Are You Polyamorous?
You are polyamorous because you have multiple lovers.

You're in a relationship with two people, and you all know each other and are happy with your current situation. You're content in these situations because both of your partners give you what you want in terms of affection, sex, and understanding. You, too, must ensure that they have all they require. This is perhaps the finest lifestyle if you are all mature enough to understand what you are getting yourself into.
You are not polyamorous if you occasionally cheat on your partner and lie to them.

Polyamory involves informing your partner about your other relationships, which you don't often do. Furthermore, if your lover finds out, you'll have to break up with them because they don't agree with your lifestyle. If you want to have multiple lovers at the same time, you'll need to have a lengthy conversation with your polyamorous partner or partners.
You're not a polyamorous person.

Show That You Are Compatible-AffectionGuide

You may have had several lovers in the past, but you have never dated them all at the same time. If things don't go your way, you'd rather break up. However, you've never had the desire to date numerous people at the same time.

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