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Are You Into Friends With Benefit?

Are You Into Friends With Benefits?-AffectionGuide
Are You Into Friends With Benefits?-AffectionGuide

Have you ever had a friend with whom you would do something outside of your platonic friendship boundaries and be perfectly fine with it? Do these things have anything to do with sex? Then there’s the possibility of having a “friend with benefits” equation. You would consider yourselves friends regardless of what occurs between the two of you. It’s difficult to say whether it deepens friendship connections or is even healthy. People, who have friends with benefits, in most cases, are either lonely or incredibly manipulative. So, do you have buddies who come with perks ^winks^? If that’s the case, take our quiz right now.


How long have you kept your friend with benefits in your life?

Do you think your friends with benefits accept to be simply that?

What do you usually agree to do with your friends with benefit?

Have you ever been overly possessive of a friend with benefits?

Have you ever been in love with a friend with benefits?

Do you happen to use protection while sexually engaging with your friends with benefits?

Is it easy for you to turn someone into a friend with benefits?

Till now, how many friends with benefits have you had?

Have you ever felt heartbroken after a friend with benefit cut ties with you?

Are You Into Friends With Benefit?
You don't have a friend with benefits because you find it repulsive.

You don't have any friends with benefits because you find it overwhelming and are terrified of the consequences. Your major anxiety stems from the possibility that your 'close' buddy would fall profoundly in love with you one day and refuse to honor the agreement that requires them to give up all hopes of developing a genuine friendship with you. You also perceive it as a method to control others for your own ends, which you find repulsive.
You have one friend with benefits

You have one friend with benefits and that friend is often there when you need to satisfy a certain sexual desire. This friend doesn’t mind because they kind of like you. It’s like they are more in love with you, but you’ve always made it clear that between the both of you it will never go beyond casual sex because they are simply not your type. This friend has a very low self-esteem and will always show off when you need them because they still nurture the hope to make you fall in love with them someday.
You have many friends with benefits

You actually have several friends with benefits. A couple of ones are to spend time with and share a few drinks, others are to go out on a Friday night, one is to tell all your sad stories to, and one is to have sex with whenever you are single or has just separated from your beau. It seems like you get it that friends are not always there when you need them because most of them don’t have the same lifestyle as yours, so you’ve given each one of them a specific role to play in times of crisis.

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