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Are You Being Emotionally Neglected?

Are You Being Emotionally Neglected?-AffectionGuide
Are You Being Emotionally Neglected?-AffectionGuide

A good relationship requires equal work on both spouses’ parts. If only one person is contributing, the other person may feel isolated and irrelevant. Emotional neglect can occur in any relationship, but it’s not always obvious. If you’ve been emotionally neglected, it means your partner hasn’t prioritized your feelings. They could be neglecting you at crucial times, withholding attention, acting distant, or disregarding your feelings. If this sounds like you, take this quiz to see if your relationship has been suffering from emotional neglect.


Does your partner consult you when it comes to making big decisions that impact the both of you?

How do you and your partner spend your free time?

How often do you feel ignored, invalidated, and disregarded in your relationship?

Do you feel comfortable voicing your opinions to your partner?

If you’re having a problem and want to talk it out with your partner, how would they react?

Does your partner make eye contact with you during a conversation?

Do you feel like the person you’re in a relationship with truly loves you?

Do you feel like your partner only focuses on their needs instead of yours?

How would you describe the way your partner affects your self-esteem?

When you want to be intimate with your partner, who usually makes the first move?

Are You Being Emotionally Neglected?
There does not appear to be any emotional neglect.

Learns to enjoy you and appreciate you-AffectionGuide

You have a partner that appreciates you as a person and listens to you. Your partner is always there for you when you need them and communicates effectively. You're with someone who adores you and takes excellent care of you. Your companion is sensitive to your feelings and is interested in hearing your viewpoint because they understand how important it is to you.
There are a few early indicators of emotional neglect.

Your partner may not be emotionally abusive, but you have the feeling that you are being overlooked and ignored at times. Everyone has unintentionally ignored their partner at times, but it happens more frequently than you'd like. You want your partner to value you and perceive you as an equal in your relationship.

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