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Is Your Relationship Failing?

Is Your Relationship Failing?-AffectionGuide
Is Your Relationship Failing?-AffectionGuide

If relationships are not treated with care, they can become messy. We frequently find ourselves in situations that we could not have predicted, but there is always a way out. Instead of pushing something that can’t be pushed any farther, mental turbulence will occur on both ends. Always remember that dealing with a breakup is easier than being tense on a regular basis. Take this quiz if you think your relationship isn’t going as planned.


Do you still feel the spark in your relationship?

Has your partner ever been violent towards you?

Do you think your partner really loves you despite the disagreements?


Did you talk to your partner about how you feel?

How do you generally feel these days?

Do you think you would be happier without your partner?

Do you think your partner will understand how you feel if you tell them?

Show That You Are Compatible-AffectionGuide

Do you think you can communicate your feelings to your partner?

Do you both argue a lot these days?

Is Your Relationship Failing?
Give your relationship some time.

Things may appear to be in disarray right now, but time is the best healer. Give it another attempt if you believe there are qualities in your relationship that are irreplaceable. A healthy and open-minded discussion will assist you both in reaching the best decision.
You’re doing your best, things can get better

You've put in a lot of effort. If you believe your partner has room to grow in the relationship, be patient and allow them time. Speak with them and work out any knots in your relationship. It's fine to be frustrated, but you can always find a way to get past it.

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