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    Is He Just A Womanizer?


    Has this guy got anger issues? What if someone from work or one of his friends offends him? Would he become enraged quickly?

    Do you know if he has a girlfriend?

    Is he a party-goer gone too far? Like, is he a party animal who drinks, smokes, and goes to clubs until late night almost every other day?

    How does he respond when you meet him when he’s with his friends?

    What does he refer to you as?

    How often does he talk to you?

    Do you have any photos of the two of you on social media?

    Is he a show-off?

    Is he a big flirt?

    When you're with him, how often is he using his phone?

    Is He Just A Womanizer?
    He appears to be totally into you.

    You are the only thing that matters to him... He's not faking it. And, girl, I believe you already knew that and were only taking the quiz for fun. No worries!
    Sweetheart, he isn't worth your time.

    Do not waste your time. He may appear to be caring, but he is only a womanizer who enjoys being surrounded by women.
    He is not a womanizer.

    Love Finds its Way!-AffectionGuide

    But at the same time you should give it a little more time to make the equation between you both somewhat stronger.

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