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Who Will Be Your Perfect Anime Boyfriend Quiz

Who Will Be Your Perfect Anime Boyfriend Quiz-AffectionGuide
Who Will Be Your Perfect Anime Boyfriend Quiz-AffectionGuide

Do you want to know who your perfect anime boyfriend will be? There’s an unending supply of amazing anime to suit your every taste and inclination, and they all feature fascinating male characters with whom you’ve probably questioned how compatible you are in the past. Take this anime boyfriend quiz to see who your anime boyfriend would be.


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Who Will Be Your Perfect Anime Boyfriend Quiz
Hinata Shoyou

Shouyou has a few qualities that might seem to be obstacles to his ability to be a devoted boyfriend. For example, he’s totally and completely obsessed with volleyball, and he’s proud to eat, sleep and breathe it! Let’s think about this, though. If this boy can care so much about a game, imagine what will happen the first time he meets a girl and really falls for her. He may seem a little immature at the moment, but just give those hormones a few more years to catch up to his sports adrenaline. Plus, if we’re going on looks, who could resist this sweet, ginger ball of positivity?
L Lawliet

L. Lawliet has long been one of the most popular anime characters ever created, partly due to his elusive nature and the sense of mystery that surrounds him. In a show revolving mostly around detective work and crime, it’s difficult not to make the easy and obvious comparison between L and Sherlock Holmes. Holmes, as most know, is a famously asexual character, and some have assumed that L is the same. However, as pointed out by many Sherlock fans, if Sherlock were to decide to take a lover, he would use his intellectual skills to know exactly how to please them. L is exactly the same! His abilities in cognitive deduction practically border on the power of mindreading. He would know what you wanted or needed before you even knew it. Therefore, my friends, I give you the perfect anime boyfriend.
Rintarou Okabe

Rintarou Okabe (or “Okarin,”as his friends call him) is a good example of an extremist in terms of affection, but one who keeps it hidden very well. As such, the affection only comes out in certain (sometimes dangerous) situations. If you’re the type who enjoys a man who will only show how he feels in private, then Okabe may be for you. The proof is in the pudding. Okabe is faced with a difficult course of events in the series that results in the death of a friend. Rather than moving on and coping with the loss, Okabe uses the time machine he accidentally invented to attempt to go back in time and keep the death from happening. Imagine having someone who would be willing to throw off the space-time continuum on your behalf. You can’t ask for much more than that.
Ichijou Raku

Raku can at first seem like your average, rambunctious teenager. But underneath that quite “normal” exterior is a boy who has been pining away for lost love for several years of his life. As a child, Raku met the girl of his dreams, and has only one keepsake to remember her by now, but he keeps it on his person at all times and is constantly on the lookout for that girl. Even with other women he is sure he doesn’t like, he is self-sacrificing and extremely protective. Raku is the classic image of a truly good guy, and if you capture his heart, he’ll never let you go.
Makoto Tachibana

Makoto (Mako for short) would make any respectable list of the best anime boyfriends. Of the five boys who make up the core character list of “Free!” Makoto is the kindest, most sensitive, and most selfless. He shows a propensity early on for being a sort of mothering character, looking after Haru in the absence of his parents. He is also the first and only character to utter the coveted phrase “I love you,” a rare occurrence for any anime, as most fans will know. Also, Mako takes precious time out of his day to pet kittens. There’s really no other reason required.

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