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Who Will Be Your Hogwarts Boyfriend Quiz

Who Will Be Your Hogwarts Boyfriend Quiz-AffectionGuide
Who Will Be Your Hogwarts Boyfriend Quiz-AffectionGuide

Which Harry Potter character would be your boyfriend though? Is Harry the man of your dreams or is Ron? Do you fantasize about a life with Draco or Neville? Would you support Victor in the Triwizard Tournament or Cedric? Are you a Dean type of girl or is Bill your guy? There’s only one way to find out for sure. Take this hogwarts boyfriend quiz.


What quality do you want your partner to have?

What are you most afraid of?

Which character would you most likely go out to a ball with?

What hair color in a guy do you prefer?

What's your favorite position for Quidditch?

Who Will Be Your Hogwarts Boyfriend Quiz
Ron Weasley

Ron may have sometimes been quick to jealousy, insecurity and anger – but he was also loyal, smart, brave and funny. He cared deeply for those close to him, and would stick up for his friends and family. That's why Ron is your Chosen One.
Harry Potter

He’s selfless. Harry is constantly willing to risk his own life to save others - even, as is the case with Draco Malfoy, his enemies. He’s intelligent. He achieved exceeds expectations for the majority of his subjects in his O.W.L. year, and he’s also exceptional at cracking mysteries. He’s kind. Harry doesn’t verbally or physically attack anyone, unless he's provoked. He’s generally kind to his peers, generally respectful to his teachers (with the exceptions of Snape and Umbridge, both of whom he has legitimate reasons to dislike). That's why Harry is your Chosen One.
Draco Malfoy

Draco was intensely loyal to his family and to the House of Slytherin. He was proud to a pureblood, a Slytherin, a member of the Black family. He may have only loved his family and those around him, but nonetheless, it was a semblance of love. His ambition was tied to his pride of being a pureblood and knowing that he would need to uphold the family name. He was persistent in everything that he needed to accomplish and just as most of the other pureblood wizards, he was talented in his own right - both in magic and Quidditch. That's why Draco is your Chosen One.
Cedric Diggory

Cedric Diggory is someone who cannot exist in today’s selfish world. He’s every bit kind, selfless, and a ‘fierce friend’, as Dumbledore puts it. It is rather hard not to like him, provided his extremely Hufflepuff nature and that jawline too! That's why Cedric is your Chosen One.

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