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What Kind of Kisser Are You?

Kissing is a particular kind of intimacy and it’s not always clear how much we actually enjoy someone’s company by the way they kiss. Kissing can be very intimate, sensual and fulfilling – or it may feel like you’re kissing your aunt on her birthday! It feels good to know what you’re really getting yourself into with every potential partner before things get too steamy in person.

This quiz will give you insight as to whether you are an aggressive/passive kisser, if you prefer lip-to-lip contact vs mouth-to-mouth contact (or somewhere in between), plus some other helpful questions that’ll help lead us down this “kiss” road together…


What is your favorite part of kissing?

Who is your perfect kisser?

What would you do if someone kissed you without your permission?

Which type of kisser are you?

What are the best things about kissing?

What is your level of kissing experience?

Which is your favorite type of kiss?

Do you kiss your

What is your favorite type of pie?

What is your favorite song?

What Kind of Kisser Are You?
Passionate Kisser
You are a person who likes kissing passionately with lots of tongue action, lip-sucking noises, and really deep tonguing contact. You may not care about being discreet or if they’re going too fast because you just want that immediate release of tension between their lips when it feels right.
Gentle Kisser
You are a person who prefers slow, soft pecks as opposed to big open-mouthed smooches with a lot of movements. You might not even want to go in for a kiss at all but would rather just be left alone with your special someone.
Tongue Kisser
You are a person who likes kisses that involve tons of licking, sucking and swirling- around the mouth with tongues involved. It's like you're tasting each other! . You like to experiment with different types of kisses and use your tongue. You might be someone who is really into the whole French kissing thing but there's nothing wrong with that!
The Surprise Kisser
You 're a person who likes to catch people off-guard when you go in for a kiss on them. This can include a sudden kiss, or a surprise peck on the cheek. You 're unpredictable and don't like to be one-upped by anyone!

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