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What Kind of Boyfriend Are You?

What kind of boyfriend are you-AffectionGuide
What kind of boyfriend are you-AffectionGuide

Wondering what kind of boyfriend you are? Then it’s time to take this super-fast, yet insightful quiz! Be honest, and you’ll get the most accurate answer possible.


When was the last time you did something special and unexpected for your partner?

Do you listen or become defensive when your partner is hurt by something you did?

Are you always trying to be better?

Are you comfortable with public display of affection?

How regularly do you forget special dates and anniversaries?

Are you more inclined to inquire about your girlfriend's day than she is to inquire about yours?

Have you been more likely to be the one who breaks up or to be broken up with?

Have you ever dedicated an entire day to activities that your partner enjoys?

Are you attentive?

How often do you say, "I love you?"

Which of the iconic TV boyfriends do you think you’re most like?

What Kind of Boyfriend Are You?
The Overtly Romantic One

You’re the type of boyfriend who seem like they’re straight out of a romance tale. When your partner calls you on the phone, you usually greet them with "Hello gorgeous," which makes them feel like a lump of mush.
The Repressed One

You're the kind of boyfriend that rarely points out the things that bother you, and/or rarely expresses affection. Repressed emotions that have been buried for days, weeks, and months finally erupt like a volcano.
The Unavailable Boyfriend

Among the types of boyfriend, the unavailable type is one of the worst. You can be a good learning experience for your partner and they won’t be with you forever because you will drain them emotionally.

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