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Should You Stop Dating Him?

Should You Stop Dating Him?-AffectionGuide
Should You Stop Dating Him?-AffectionGuide

Dating may appear to be an exhilarating experience at first, only to be followed by a deep-felt commitment. However, even at this early stage of the relationship, you may sense that something isn’t quite right and wonder, “Should I stop dating him?” You may notice a few red flags in your boyfriend’s actions that cause you to be perplexed. Alternatively, your strong emotions may be frightening you. Because of your uncertainties, you may want to wait it out or move away. Take the following quiz if you need further help deciding whether or not you should break up with your boyfriend.


Do you sometimes feel like your boyfriend doesn’t listen to you?

Does your boyfriend make the effort to see you?

Do you think your boyfriend may not be over his ex?

Where do you guys usually meet?

Make Eye Contact-AffectionGuide

How does your boyfriend makes you feel?

Join in on their Interests-AffectioGuide

Do you notice some major red flags, and yet make excuses for his behaviors?

Does your boyfriend seem to ignore important things about your personality?

Do you know each other’s friends?

How does your boyfriend communicate?

Does your boyfriend accept you for who you are?

Should You Stop Dating Him?
You should continue dating him

Subtly Reveal That You are Interested-AffectionGuide

All of the signs point to you being able to keep dating your partner. He appears to be dedicated, affectionate, and considerate. He appreciates you for who you are and makes an effort to spend time with you. Last but not least, without the games or the ego, He makes you feel good. If you're still hesitant, think about whether it's because of your insecurities or your past.
You should give it more time

It appears that your boyfriend is making every effort to be with you. Despite the fact that he may be experiencing some momentary challenges or has suddenly been more anxious, he appears to genuinely care about you. He makes an effort to accommodate you into his schedule while remaining open about what makes them uncomfortable. It's not a good idea to make a hasty decision unless you're certain. You should probably wait it out and see how you both feel after the rough patch has passed.

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