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Quiz_Are You Actually Best Friends Forever?

Are You Actually Best Friends Forever-AffectionGuide
Are You Actually Best Friends Forever-AffectionGuide

Best friends should be there to look after, advise and guide each other. You should be able to come with them through their ups and downs if you have a person who you consider your best friend. This quiz will tell you whether or not you are actually the best friends? These questions will test your friendship’s strength and honesty. Try to honestly answer all these questions and have fun!


When was the last time you checked up on them? Including Calls/Texts/E-mails

Have you kept any secrets from your best friend?

Does your best friend usually try to initiate plans to hang out with you?

Do you and best friend have conversations that no one around you can follow?

Do you know their favorite food and drinks?

Do people ask you where the other is when you show up somewhere alone?

Do you run your new clothes by each other after you go shopping?

Have you met their family?

Do you think you both could live together?

Do you have every detail of their dating history memorized?

Do you make yourself a little too comfortable in their home?

Finally: Which iconic best friends are you totally like?

Are You Actually Best Friends Forever? Take this quiz and find out.
Best Friends Forever

Your friendship is the stuff of dreams. You've found your soulmate in the form of a perfect best friend. Your friendship is based on honesty and respect, you both truly value each other.
Best Friends… but may not last forever

You are really good friends, but it may not last forever. However, what you have now is brilliant, and I hope it is long-lived!

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