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Is My Ex A Narcissist Quiz

Is My Ex A Narcissist Quiz--AffectionGuide
Is My Ex A Narcissist Quiz--AffectionGuide

Narcissism isn’t simply believing that you’re attractive and intelligent; it’s also having narcissistic personality disorder. To begin with, a grandiose feeling of self-importance, dreams of endless prosperity and beauty, a sense of entitlement, and a lack of empathy are all symptoms of this condition. Take this is my ex a narcissist quiz to see whether your partner is a narcissist if you’ve identified these signs in them.


Do you think thar your ex was very manipulative?

What words would you use to describe your ex?

When you used to speak with them, did they...

When you would talk to your ex about a tough day at work, how would they respond?

On a scale of 1 to 10, would you say your ex rates themselves as a partner?

What is your ex's opinion about their achievements?

Did your ex think the whole world revolves around them?

How much attention did they need from you?

Were they argumentative?

Who would you say was the most in control of the relationship?

Is My Ex A Narcissist Quiz
Your Ex Is A Narcissist

Your ex is a narcissist! People like them rarely change, and the problem is that they frequently decline therapy and refuse to accept their problem. Your partner has some narcissistic tendencies
Your Ex Doesn’t Seem To Be A Narcissist

You should not confuse self-confidence with narcissism. It's natural for them to be proud of their accomplishments or conscious of their attributes, so relax and enjoy the fact that your partner is not a narcissist.

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