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Features of a great dating site/app you need to know

Features of a great dating siteapp you need to know-AffectionGuide
Features of a great dating siteapp you need to know-AffectionGuide
Are you looking for a great dating site or app that will connect you with your ideal partner? Then you are in the right place. That is because this article will discuss everything you need to know about the top features of a great dating site or app. Also, the article will discuss some of the most common dating mistakes to avoid. Unlike the old days when people used to meet at events such as weddings and other forms of gathering, dating sites have become the essential tools for connecting people from different regions.

With the strike of COVID-19, movement and gathering have been restricted to ensure minimal or no spread of that pandemic. Therefore, since the relevant authorities have hindered people’s movement, the only great platforms for partners to connect are dating sites. The most popular sites like eHarmony, no string attached, seeking, and many more are among the top dating sites that offer great connect people.

To know more about each of the dating sites mentioned, consider reading seeking review, no strings attached review, eHarmony review, or the review of any other dating site you want to join. Without further ado, let discuss some of the essential features of a great dating site.

They include;

Top features of great dating sites

Safety and security

The safety of the dating site or app is among the essential features to consider. Failing to consider this feature can lead you to huge losses. That is because your details can lead to scammers or your chat leak to anyone. Therefore, before you consider other essential things like ease of use, security and safety are among the most critical features. The hacker cannot hack a secure dating site. Therefore you will be sure that your money or bank details are safe. Therefore before you consider other secondary features, always start with safety and security. According to eHarmony review, the site mentioned above is among the few most secure dating site you can join. So register on eHarmony today and enjoy great features on a secure dating site.


Since many people are registered on dating sites, the filter is one of the essential features that will help you search for the most preferred partner. Through the help of a filter, you will search for people with certain traits that you need. For instance, you will need to indicate women on the section written filter if you are interested in women.


Some of the other essential things that you can use to ease your search include religion, race, location, age, and much more. Therefore,the filter is among the essential feature that should be in a great dating site. According to the bumble review, the site mentioned above is among the dating site with great filter tools. You can visit the official bumble  site to see how great the filter tool is.

Verified profiles

According to the recent news, there has been an increase in cybercrimes in different parts of the world. Dating sites and apps are among the leading areas with high cybercrimes. Therefore to curb the spread of cybercrime activities, online dating sites have an extra tool that ensures only the verified profiles will register on the dating sites.  Therefore most of the legit dating sites have integrated calls for verification of profile features. That helps to verify only real people. Therefore if you find an image on a legit dating site with profile verification features, you better believe that the profile belongs to the person on the profile. Excellent dating sites like bumble have this feature to ensure that everyone on the platform is verified. That is according to the bumble review.


Icebreakers is another excellent feature that should be on a great dating site. Making the first move is a challenging thing to many. That is because some feel shy, others fear rejection, and much more. Therefore an icebreaker feature will help you to come up with an excellent suggestion to make your first move. All you need is to activate the feature and reading the suggestions to choose the most appropriate to use when making the first move. According to reviews, dating sites like seeking, Grindr, and many more have this great feature.

Event and meetups locator

Event and meetups locator is another helpful tool offered in many dating apps. This feature will allow you to know the events around you and the participant. Therefore any member attending those events will be shown. You can text each other and have a word before the actual day to meet on those events. The features allow the users to register on events that might interest them.

Discover nearby matches

Discover nearby matches-AffectionGuide
Discover nearby matches-AffectionGuide

When looking for an ideal partner, you are looking forward to hooking up with someone you can meet up with quickly. Therefore, most great dating sites consider this and offer you an amazing feature that will help you discover people around you. If you are interested in women or men, you can click on the features tofind nearby matches to see the people around you. If you are looking for a person to flirt with face-to-face, you need to consider dating sites with such features since they will show you people around your region.

Profile performance evaluation

After signing up on a particular dating site, many people do not know the next move to make. Therefore to make it easy for the members, the dating sites offer a great feature that shows them profile percentage. There are various details that you need to provide in your profile for it to be considered complete. According to the hornywife review, the dating site mentioned has a feature to help you complete your profile. A 100 % complete profile has high chances of attracting the ideal partner. That is because all the details needed are provided.

Having known some of the top features of a great dating site, now let discuss the most common mistake to avoid on an online dating site.

Common mistakes to avoid on dating sites and apps

Do not use your best picture as a profile picture

Using the best image as the profile is one of the most common mistakes many people make on dating sites. In many cases, your best image may not resemble you when someone sees you. Therefore to ensure nobody says that you do not resemble the image you have used as a profile, use normal images.

Do not use your best picture as a profile picture-AffectionGuide
Do not use your best picture as a profile picture-AffectionGuide

Opting for a free membership

Many dating sites offer a paid and free version. Many people, once they register on several dating sites, opt for the free version. However, there are a lot of great features you can enjoy on paid versions. Some of those features include unlimited chats, incredible features like events meetups, and much more. Therefore to ensure you enjoy all those, consider choosing the paid versions.

Stalking members who do not give responses

After sending a message to someone, you consider your ideal partner; avoid sending another one if you do not respond to the first message you sent. Many people waste a lot of time chatting with people who do not reply. If someone does not reply to your message, you need to know her/his taste is different. Therefore, do not insist and instead choose the person who responds to you.

Some of the other common mistakes to avoid on dating sites include not reading the member’s profile, registering on the wrong dating site, copying pasting messages, and many more.

By avoiding the mistakes discussed above and considering those features, you will register on a great dating site.

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