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Does Your Boyfriend Hate You?

Does Your Boyfriend Hate You?-AffectionGuide
Does Your Boyfriend Hate You?-AffectionGuide

A relationship with your boyfriend is supposed to be enriching and inspiring. But, for whatever reason, your shared sentiments may begin to shift over time, and one or both of you may begin to grow out of love. So, do you think your boyfriend hates you, or is it simply your imagination? Now is your chance to find out by taking our quiz!


Does he care for you when you are unwell or when you need him otherwise?

Do you think your boyfriend complains about you to other people?

What has prompted you to take this quiz?

How good is your sex life?

How many times does your boyfriend fight with you?

Do you still have romantic conversations with your boyfriend?

How does your boyfriend express his anger?

Does your boyfriend misbehave with you or avoid talking to you in front of other people?

Do you sleep on the same bed as your boyfriend?

Has your boyfriend told you that he hates you?

Does Your Boyfriend Hate You?
Your Boyfriend Does Not Hate You

It appears like you are in the clear. You have a good relationship with your boylfriend. You may have normal relationship issues as everyone else but that isn’t something that can’t be solved. Keep working on this very strong relationship.
Your Boyfriend Might Be Resenting You To Some Extent

Your boyfriend might have some resentment towards but he does not completely hate you. This is the perfect time to talk to him about what is concerning him before it gets even more serious.

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