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Do You Think He Likes You?

Do You Think He Likes You?-AffectionGuide
Do You Think He Likes You?-AffectionGuide

Women are well-known for having male pals with whom they get along. It is also stated that guys and females rarely remain friends indefinitely; something always happens to make this unlikely. It’s possible that your male friend kisses you out of nowhere or that you end up telling him about your feelings. Do you believe this means your friend likes you now? If you’re not sure, take our quiz to find out.


Has he ever been jealous of your love interests?

Has he ever admitted that he loved you?

Does he try to kiss you?

Is he embarrassed to see you even in a bathing suit?

Is he extra goofy around you?

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Does he look at you with insistence?

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Does he joke with you just like any of his other male friends?

Does he want to be alone with you all the time?

Does he offer you gifts with a serious face?

Does he joke with you, as a brother would?

Do You Think He Likes You?
He thinks of you as just a friend

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He definitely likes you

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