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Do Women Find You Attractive?

Do Women Find You Attractive?-AffectionGuide
Do Women Find You Attractive?-AffectionGuide

Women are tough to comprehend and ever harder to impress. This is for all the lads out there who have spent sleepless nights trying to figure out whether the woman you desire likes you or not. You could be a stud or a nerd; there’s no way of knowing who a lady will develop feelings for!

Whether or not you have a date, understanding how attractive you are to women can undoubtedly help you in fine-tuning your dating game. So, relax and take the quiz!


How would you describe your appearance?

How do you behave around your crush?

You are late for a date, and have to leave out one task, what would you leave?

Who's your celebrity icon?

What is an ideal location for your first date?

How would you describe your body?

Which is your favorite sex position?

When a girl tells you she had a bad day, what do you say to her?

How do you react when a friend makes fun of you in front of your crush?

When a girl turns you down, what do you do?

Do Women Find You Attractive?
Chick Magnet

You're very attractive to women. You are stylish and seductive. You have the ladies eating out of your hands because you say the right things at the right time. It's likely that you've already been taken. If you're still single, it's usually because you can't make up your mind about which girl to pick.
The Funny Guy

You're witty and intelligent, and you're a lot of fun to be around. But it's always the bad boys who get the girl. Keep your cool, since they'll quickly figure out who the true treasure is. You may be a late bloomer when it comes to dating, but you'll almost certainly attract the most attractive woman.
The Playboy

You're sexy and you know it. Your charm is irresistible to women. You have a nice way with words. You're a narcissist who also happens to be a ladies' man. In their dreams, you're undoubtedly making love to them.
The Mysterious Lover

You're the quiet, attractive man who every woman secretly wishes to seduce. Women are attracted to you because of your shy exterior. The terrible aspect is that, despite the fact that all ladies are enthralled by your presence, reaching out to you is difficult. So, rather than shying away, remember that the ladies adore you and go out and get them.

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