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Boyfriend Girlfriend Quiz

Boyfriend Girlfriend Quiz-AffectionGuide
Boyfriend Girlfriend Quiz-AffectionGuide

Love is supposed to be eternal. Of course, there will be moments when things are challenging. However, if you truly love someone, you will overcome any hurdles to be with them. So, if you’re wondering whether your partner loves you or it’s a mere infatuation? You can find out right now by taking our boyfriend girlfriend quiz.


Does your partner surprise you with gifts or presents?

Does your partner let you control the TV?

Does your partner know your favorite food?

Is your partner as loving towards you as before?

How often do you see your partner?

Boyfriend Girlfriend Quiz
Your partner is truly in love with you.

Strong marriage and relationship-AfectionGuide

It's obvious that your partner is head over heels in love with you. They envision themselves walking down the aisle with you, and they swear they will one day be your life-partner. You should trust your instincts and confess your love for them as well.
Your partner seems to have a strong attraction towards you.

Lasting impressions-AffectionGuide

Your partner seems to be extremely infatuated with you. It's difficult to describe their feelings as love because they appear to be drawn towards you for no apparent reason. You should keep an eye on your sentiments for a while longer before concluding that its love.

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