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Are You Ready For A Relationship?

Are You Ready For A Relationship?-AffectionGuide
Are You Ready For A Relationship?-AffectionGuide

Are you ready for love, or are you on the lookout for something else for now? Have you met someone you’re romantically interested in? You must be confident that you are ready for a relationship before making a move. Here are some questions to consider while deciding whether or not you’re ready to put yourself out there.


What would you do if a friend pressured you into doing something you didn't want to do?

How high are your standards?

How long do you wait to get physical with someone you've only just started seeing?

What qualities do you value the most in a partner?

How frequently do you allow others to walk all over you?

What if you were too eager for your favourite football game tonight, but your best friend calls about a sudden urgency with their partner? They could have called anybody, but they only called you. What will you do now?

How confident are you in your own skin?

What would you do if you'd just started dating and things were going well until your partner suddenly wants to move in with you?

How confident are you on a scale of 1 to 10?

How often do you put yourself out there?

Are You Ready For A Relationship?
You're definitely ready

You're all set to return to the game. You have a firm grip on your wits and are aware of what you want and require in a companion.
You're almost there

You've gone to great lengths to prepare yourself to be with someone. Don't give up now; you're almost ready to start dating.
No, you're not ready

You're not quite ready to resume your dating/relationship life. Before you do, you'll need to undertake a lot of self-evaluation and soul-searching.

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