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Are You In A Toxic Relationship?

Are You In A Toxic Relationship?-AffectionGuide
Are You In A Toxic Relationship?-AffectionGuide

Have you ever questioned if your relationship was causing you harm? You know that love should feel fantastic, but you haven’t had that experience yet. Maybe your relationship caused you more anxiety than delight, yet you can’t seem to get out of it. You can’t change it, and you certainly can’t walk away from it. So, here at team affection guide, we’ve prepared a few questions for you to answer that will help you determine whether you are in a toxic relationship or not.


Do you feel afraid of your partner?

Keeping Your Feelings to Yourself-AffectionGuide

Can you be yourself around them?

Do they believe they have control over you, your life, and your choices?

How does your partner react when you try to communicate about issues that are a source of concern in your relationship?

Do you try to keep the peace in your relationship by suppressing your actual feelings?

Do they hold you responsible for their own unpleasant feelings and moods?

What happens after a heated dispute or conflict that your partner started?

Does your partner seem to irritate you to the point of exploding, bringing out a disgruntled aspect of you that doesn't feel like "you"?

Being Hypercritical-AffectionGuide

How do they treat in you in public?

Tell them How You Feel-AffectionGuide

What happens when you both have engagements and one of you needs to cancel?

Are You In A Toxic Relationship?
You have a healthy relationship

Your partner adores you and is concerned about your well-being. Respect, understanding, excellent communication, and romance are all present. These are all traits of a relationship that, if maintained, would last a lifetime. Making compromises and prioritizing the other person are both natural aspects of a healthy relationship.
It seems like you are in a toxic relationship 

Respect, understanding, compassion, and efficient communication are all lacking in this relationship. You should approach your partner about their abusive behavior, and if there isn't a method to improve the obvious rift between you two, you may have to separate ways.

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