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Am I In An Abusive Relationship Quiz

Am I In An Abusive Relationship Quiz-AffectionGuide
Am I In An Abusive Relationship Quiz-AffectionGuide

In a relationship, you have to share the bed, the bathroom, live in the same house, and sometimes share the same car as well. But does a relationship mean just this much? Isn’t a relationship also about sharing emotions, problems, and happiness? And being there for your companion? But what if your partner does not value your companionship? What if your partner tortures you emotionally and physically? What if you have to live in constant fear? Would you like to be in such a relationship? Take our am i in an abusive relationship quiz to find out if you are in an abusive relationship already.


Does your partner constantly check up on you (asking who you're with, where you are, when you'll be home)?

Does your partner ever belittle you or make you feel humiliated?

Has your partner ever threatened to commit suicide if you would ever think about leaving him/her?

Is your partner short-tempered, acting against your will because of something slightly upsetting?

Do you fear your partner most of the time?

Am I In An Abusive Relationship Quiz
You are in an Abusive Relationship.

But there is nothing to be afraid of. An abusive relationship can be handled peacefully. You do not deserve to be treated badly or tolerate such aggression. As an individual, you need to decide whether you must remedy matters with your partner or completely end the relationship. However, if you feel that there is hope and scope for improvement in your partner’s behavior, you may consider visiting a therapist who can guide you on the same.
You are in a Mildly Abusive Relationship.

There are signs that your partner may be mistreating you, but you need to make sure you can stand your ground. You need to be strong and make it very clear that you are not going to tolerate the abusive behavior at all. Take steps to make your partner realize your worth in the relationship. Make it clear that in a healthy relationship both partners must enjoy equal rights.
You are not in an Abusive Relationship.

Congratulations! You are not in an abusive relationship. You have managed to find a partner who treats you for who you are. You have an equal space in your relationship. We hope your relationship continues to blossom forever.

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