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    Do I Have A Chance With Her?


    Do you find her attractive?

    When you're around, does she smile?

    Do you believe she likes you? Be honest!

    Is there ever a time when you notice her staring at you?

    Does it bother her if you touch her?

    Is she comfortable in your presence?

    Does she touch you quite often?

    Do you ever do things for each other out of kindness or just to make the other person happy?

    Does she frequently to you?

    How much do you like her?

    Do I Have A Chance With Her?
    You definitely like each other.

    I'd say you have potential, try it out! Ask her out, because I really doubt she'd say no. If she does, she's done you the favor of not wasting your time. As you get older, you'll realize how important that really is.
    She probably likes you...

    Tell them How You Feel-AffectionGuide

    But one of you isn't quite certain about the other one and/or how you really feel. You are going to have to make a decision - or maybe go on a trial date to see how it goes between you. Good luck!
    There's a chance...

    I Love you but, I am not in love with you-AffectionGuide

    But more than likely, you two are just friends. Unless something changes pretty markedly and she starts showing obvious interest, you shouldn't even think about trying to push it further. If you force it, you could lose her as a friend.

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