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    Are You And Your Partner Compatible?


    What would you say if someone asked whether you and your partner are in love?

    When it comes to sex and intimacy, how close are you?

    How would you describe your relationship's level of commitment?

    Do you believe that in order for a couple to stay together, they must have a lot of things in common?

    How do you and your partner spend your free time together as a couple?

    When you're with your partner, how do you feel?

    What do you do when you and your partner disagree? Is there a way you make a conflict go away?

    Can you be completely open and honest with your partner?

    What is the worst thing you've ever committed towards your partner?

    What are your thoughts on married couples that do everything together?

    Are You And Your Partner Compatible?
    Congratulations. You and Your Partner are Extremely Compatible

    You don't seem to be very compatible with your partner.

    We think that you can do better in the compatibility department.

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