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Who Is My Soulmate Quiz

Who Is My Soulmate Quiz-AffectionGuide
Who Is My Soulmate Quiz-AffectionGuide

A soulmate is someone we are compatible with or someone we want to end up with one day because of a number of qualities they have. Overall, a soulmate is someones who you believe has certain traits and attributes that you think can make them a perfect match for you. Most of the time, people are proven wrong because they often don’t really know the person completely who they like. But what about you? Do you know who your soulmate is? Take this who is my soulmate quiz and find out now.


How do you act around your crush?

Pick a statement to describe yourself.

What is the major factor that makes you feel attracted to someone?

What quality do you most want in your partner?

Which of these is your ideal date?

Who Is My Soulmate Quiz
The Friend Soulmate

Looking at the options you've picked, you've got the friend soulmate- the most common type of soulmate connection. Your friends are the people you share similar interests with. Although this bond might not be as deep or strong as companion souls, friend souls can also morph into soul teachers.
The Teacher Soulmate

Considering the options that you've picked, you got the teacher soulmate connection. A teacher soul can be anyone- either a friend, family member, partner or even an enemy. Teacher soul relationship can be romantic, but it does not last for long because no matter how strong the attraction is, these people do not make good romantic partners as they will never see you as their equal. Teacher souls usually start as friends and end as near-strangers when their work is done.
The Companion Soulmate

Considering the options that you've picked, you got the companion soulmate connection. This relationship is mostly romantic in nature. However, it can also be platonic sometimes, for example, with a friend or family member. Companion souls are in harmony, have the same interests, and often share a life together as spouses. That's why it can be said that when compared with other types of soulmates, companion soul relationships require the most effort.

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