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Trivia to find your Marvel Soulmate

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Everyone has soulmates. What if I tell, you have a secret soulmate who is a marvel hero? Just imagine a situation that in every moment, there is someone who is waiting for your return. Not only waiting, but one’s more excited & happy to see you after returning from travel or any other distant place.


Which Marvel character is a lot like you?

Who is the leader of The Avengers?

Which Marvel superhero are you?

Which of the following is not one of Thor's weapons?

What color is the Hulk’s shirt?

Who is the leader of the X-Men?

What is the name of Thor's hammer?

What is the name of Iron Man's best friend, and his assistant?

What is Thor's favorite food?

Who is the smartest of all Marvel Characters?

This Quiz will reveal your Marvel Soulmate

You are most likely the God of Thunder himself. Thor is a good-natured and heroic character that has never lost his humility. He also wants to make Asgard into a place where everyone can be happy and live in peace with each other, but he doesn't always succeed at this mission. Still, he's helped save so many people who needed it along the way.
Iron Man

Iron Man has been through a lot in his life, and he's not afraid to make mistakes. He doesn't always succeed at what he sets out to do but that just makes him stronger; it teaches him more about himself and the people around him.He may have started as kind of an egotistical jerk with money coming from both sides of the family, but Tony Stark is now one of the smartest minds on Earth who still wants to help others even if they can't pay for all his services.

Your Marvel soulmate is Spiderman! You're a hero at heart and you love being able to help others in need. You also enjoy cracking jokes, but don't take yourself too seriously - it's all about fun for you. Your sense of humor brings lightness to every situation, which makes people feel better around you even if they've just been through tough times. Plus your responsibility and loyalty make those close to you really lucky!
Hulk and Iron Man

You are a mixture of both the Hulk and Iron Man, meaning you love being strong but also really enjoy helping others too! You must spend time thinking about what's best for everyone in your life instead of just yourself. Your Marvel soulmate is Spiderman because he does all those things too! He'd do anything for his family even if it means risking his own safety or happiness sometimes. You two would have a lot in common with each other so this might be perfect match!

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