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Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings For You

Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings For You-AffectionGuide
Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings For You-AffectionGuide
Being a girl and then growing into a woman, passing through the teenage stage, brings in several roller-coaster experiences in every girl’s life, where one such experience is noticing your male friend having feelings for you. During the so-called teenage, most girls almost stay confused while a thousand thoughts surround your mind, friendships, and infatuations, which one often presumes to be a serious relationship. But when it comes to a later stage women become mature enough to recognize which guy particularly has that attraction towards you.
So here are some natural signs which would mean your male is interested in you and seem to have deeper feelings for you:
  • He has that starting trouble while talking to you..is it?
    When it comes to taking the friendship into a relationship sort of stage, most men are shy or either have that fear inside them, every time while in front of you. Naturally, he would be getting those butterflies inside, which probably seem to be the reason for such a starting trouble and sometimes even messing up things when near you.

So, if you start noticing such an unusual but cute behavior of your male friend…yes, something is fishy about it, which needs to be handled with care…Lol!

  • Have you caught him staring at you often?
    All of us, both men and women, love admiring each other, isn’t it? So we do end up staring at each other, at times or rarely. But you know, when someone has a deep crush on you or is attracted to your beauty or personality, they would love to keep track of your movements, let it be the way you talk, the way you walk, and even the way you eat(which would often end up being awkward).

It would turn super awkward when you realize this and sometimes even start making eye contact at the end. So, in case he is secretly admiring you often, with no doubts, he wishes to admire you for the rest of his life!

Have you caught him staring at you often-AffectionGuide
Have you caught him staring at you often-AffectionGuide
  • His attempts to know more and more about you
    The best thing about a relationship is to know well each other. So, your male friend would make continuous attempts to know more about you, your likes and dislikes, your dreams and goals, and many more. He would make opportunities to get closer to you and your heart to give rise to feelings from your side too!

So if that male friend is eager to know about you from a broader perspective, he is trying to find out if he could be the right person for you.

  • He establishes friendships with your close friend circles
    A guy always knows that a girl loves her space with her close friends. Hence, would try their best to develop and maintain a good impression among your friends too…because, yes, of course, a girl would always ask suggestions of her besties, especially when it comes to a relationship choice.

If you notice him, getting closer to your friend circle as well, Yup…he is simply paving his path to reach you!

  • Have you noticed him being extra sweet to you?
    Your male friend might seem to be a rough and tough kind of person in front of others, while at the same time, appear to be the opposite of you. Has he always smiled at you, even if you did something which he never liked? Then, you can make sure that he is trying to be sweet with you..to simply make that sweet guy impression which every girl would fall for!

It might seem all pleasant in the beginning, but make sure you understand him better before falling for him quickly.

  • Have you felt him being extra protective of you?
    What most of the girls expect from a guy friend is that feeling of protection. Does he always try to ensure you keep safe, to hold your hands while crossing the roads, suggest safety measures, or make sure you are comfortable with him? If so, Yes he is trying to do his best, to make sure you are his.
  • Have you noticed your friends or colleagues teasing him with your name?
    We spill our secrets to friends most of the time. Especially guys, share their feelings for a particular girl and even have long discussions regarding the same, within their friend circles. And most of the time, it is through these friends, that the news flashes out at your school or college or workplace.

If you notice your name being called by his group of friends mockingly…again there is something fishy about it!

  • Has he bought you gifts for no reason?
    Guys very well know that we love surprises and gifts. If your guy friend has made sure to keep you happy for no reason, with those little things which would mean a lot to you…even chocolates and food, it’s your turn to realize that he has feelings for you, which he is trying to express through these memorable gestures.
Has he bought you gifts for no reason_AffectionGuide
Has he bought you gifts for no reason_AffectionGuide
  • Does he initiate the conversation often?
    Is it him, who texts you up most of the time, simply to initiate a convo? Have you ever wondered, why does this guy always text me or ask me out? Guys would have no regrets while initiating conversations with someone really special for them, so if you feel he is attempting to always initiate things, there does like a masterplan behind it.

It is yet another clue that he has got feelings for you, which he wishes to make you understand in some way or the other!

So the above mentioned are a few signs which would mean your male friend has feelings for you. Most of these are observed from real-life situations, which has even given rise to beautiful relationships. If you feel that vibe from this particular person, it is always advised to make a choice and move on with the colors which life offers. So, if you have noticed such actions from your suspecting guy friend, it is time to give it a serious thought and enjoy every moment that life gifts you!


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