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Is My Relationship Healthy Quiz

Is My Relationship Healthy Quiz-AffectionGuide
Is My Relationship Healthy Quiz-AffectionGuide

Is your relationship healthy and happy or destructive and angry? Your relationship may be unhealthy if you rarely communicate, argue often, and do not spend quality time together. If you find out that your relationship is unhealthy, then it might be time to talk to your partner about your issues. Take this is my relationship healthy quiz to find out how healthy your relationship is!


Have you ever felt like your partner has isolated you from your friends and family?

Does your partner prohibit you from doing things you want to do?

Does your partner ever threaten you and insult you during an argument?

How often do you feel like your partner’s wants and needs are put before your own?

Has your partner ever put their hands on you in an angry or aggressive manner?

Is My Relationship Healthy Quiz
You appear to be in a healthy relationship.

They are not your Friends-AffectionGuide

It's fantastic that your relationship appears to be in good shape and has a good balance. You appreciate each other's privacy, support each other's goals, and recognize the need of personal space. Honesty, trust, commitment, and understanding are hallmarks of your partnership. You and your partner both have all you need to make your relationship work.
You appear to be in an unhealthy relationship.

If you haven't noticed the red flags yet, they've been right in front of your eyes the entire time. Because you and your partner lack trust, communication, and calmness in stressful situations, it appears that you are in an unhealthy relationship. Your partner looks to have domineering characteristics, and you may even feel compelled to participate in situations that make you uncomfortable.

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