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Is It Love Or Lust Quiz

Is It Love Or Lust Quiz-AffectionGuide
Is It Love Or Lust Quiz-AffectionGuide

Lust is an intense desire or longing for someone, whereas love is an overwhelming emotion of deep affection for someone. Lust is commonly associated with sexual desire. Commitment and sincere intentions are more important in love. Lust, on the other hand, is merely the happiness or pleasure derived from a connection for a brief period of time. Take this is it love or lust quiz to see if you and your partner are in love or lust!


What do you do when you go to the movies?

When you get upset, what does your partner do?

What did you do for your last anniversary?

Have you ever said “I love you” to one another?

When you start talking about my feelings with your partner, what does he/she do?

Is It Love Or Lust Quiz
You’re in love

You’re in love you can’t stop thinking about her you wanna hold her and be with her forever well if you haven’t told her do it already good luck.
It is lust

Dude you just wanna have sex with her well good luck bro

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