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Is He Seeing Someone Else?

Is He Seeing Someone Else?-AffectionGuide
Is He Seeing Someone Else?-AffectionGuide

One of the best ways to find out if your man sees someone else is if he’s more conscious or sensitive to how he looks, takes more time to dress up, etc. Also, if he spends more time talking/texting someone else over the phone, you can be sure something is up. Sometimes, body language helps too. People in a relationship usually realize or feel like they’ve made a poor dating decision and that there are better people out there.


Does he always claim to be busy?

Is he always looking for reasons to pick a fight?

Does he ignore your calls?

Does he hide his phone from you?

Is he always uncomfortable around you?

Does he give attitudes through his body language?

Have you noticed some changes in his habits?

Did he stop giving you attention?

Is he giving a communication gap?

Does he frequently tell lies?

Is He Seeing Someone Else?
He is loyal towards you

Show That You Are Compatible-AffectionGuide

He is not cheating on you. No need to worry, you relationship is strong.
He might be seeing someone else

There’s a chance that he might be cheating on you. Tread with caution and confront him about their behavior.

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