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Inappropriate Pick Up Lines

Inappropriate pick up lines-AffectionGuide
Inappropriate pick up lines-AffectionGuide

Most of the singles these days get worried about not being able to get involved in a relationship due to poor knowledge of creating a relationship with their loved ones. Most of the time such people end up even destroying their image in front of the people whom they want to get involved with by using some inappropriate and cheesy pickup lines. To avoid this, you need to prepare yourself fully to get favorable results.

Let us look at a few tips on how to use pickup lines to get involved in a relationship.

  • Use pickup lines at the correct time and place

Many times, most people, in a hurry of getting involved in a relationship, use the pickup lines at a very inappropriate time and place. Before using a pickup line in front of your crush, first, find out whether they are in a good mood or not.

How will your crush react to your pickup line? If you think it will be okay to use such a pickup line in front of your crush, then you can use pick-up lines for your crush. But if you find that your crush is in a bad mood, stay normal and try to lighten the mood by communicating.

pickup lines at the correct time and place-AffectionGuide
pickup lines at the correct time and place-AffectionGuide
  • Do not use the pickup lines frequently

Always remember, it is okay to use pick-up lines for your crush once in a while. But if you are using pick-up lines on him or her at your every meeting, then your crush might get irritated with you and you might end up creating a toxic relationship. Therefore, do not use the pickup lines every time you meet.


  • Do not use inappropriate pickup lines

Most of the time, people after getting friendly with their crush stop thinking about their feelings and talk in front of them whatever they want. Even after getting frank with your crush, you should not use the pickup lines that contain vulgarity and foul words. There might be a situation where your crush doesn’t consider flirting casually and gets hurt. Always remember the consequences of pickup lines. Or else you will destroy your image in your crush’s mind.


  • Use appropriate pickup lines

Always ensure, the pickup lines you use for your crush should make your crush feel special and he or she should be fascinated towards you. Mostly, in the pickup line, you should either praise the beauty of your crush or smile or you should tell how special they are for you in your life. By using such pickup lines, you might grab the attention of your crush and most probably you end up being together. This might help you to attract your crush towards you, provided you should take care that your crush is in a good mood, as discussed earlier.


Now, let us look at a few inappropriate pickup lines and their consequences.


“You are so sexy that my zip chain is falling for you.”

You should not use this pickup line in front of your crush unless and until you are in a relationship with that person. Because this pick-up line is very cheesy and vulgar. If you use such a pickup line, your crush will think that you are not respecting the emotions and can increase the awkwardness. Due to which you might not be able to make your friendship stronger with your crush and ultimately you will be single.


“Can you kiss me? I promise to return you.”

If you use this pickup line, your crush might think that you are trying to be physical and that can affect your friendship. It will look like you are desperate for being physical. Due to this, your crush might start keeping a safe distance from you in the fear of getting physical. Unfortunately, all these things hurt your relationship more than remedy. So, maintain patience and do not use such pickup lines in front of your crush unless you both are too closed.

Can you kiss me-AffectionGuide
Can you kiss me-AffectionGuide

“Are you an electric switch? Because you turn me on!”

This pickup line is mostly used when the person is desperate for sex. If you are just starting a friendship with a particular person, it’s not the right time to use such pickup lines. Once your friendship develops into a relationship, you can fearlessly use such pickup lines. Till now, be friendly.


“Besides being hot what else do you do for a living?”

Some people might get offended by this pickup line. By using this pickup line, you are indirectly abusing the person with whom you want to improve the relationship. The person on whom you use this pickup line can get angry with you. And, also there are chances that he or she stops talking with you. As a result, you won’t be able to make a healthy relationship with the person you admire.


“The clothes look awesome on you, I think me too!”

This is a very casual type of flirt or pick-up line. If you use this in front of your crush or the person whom you love, the person may get impressed but he or she would not take you seriously. And there are rare chances of getting your friendship converted into a relationship. If you want to make your friendship stronger, you must make everything right. If you use this line, it would be a possibility that your crush will think you are casually flirting and not serious about him or her. For serious and long-term relationships avoid such pickup lines.



Friendships, relationships are sensitive topics. When you want to get involved with someone, you should be extra careful. Start slowly, understand the person, make sure that the person you cherish has the same feeling you have. So don’t start flirting immediately. Gain trust, develop friendship and you are all set to go.

By following these steps you can easily convert your friendship into a relationship. Once you both are comfortable, you can use whatever pickup lines you want to use. This will help you to increase your bond.

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