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Are You Falling Out Of Love?

Are You Falling Out Of Love?-AffectionGuide
Are You Falling Out Of Love?-AffectionGuide

It’s true we fall in love or, more importantly, our partner might lead us to fall in love with them. We believe that once we’ve fallen in love, it will endure forever. We spend some of the most memorable months, if not years, of our lives here. Something happens along the way that prevents the relationship from expanding or moving in the path that will keep you together. You might discover that your partner isn’t who they’ve been pretending to be all this time, or that they’ve turned abusive and even unfaithful. All of these circumstances may cause you to fall out of love with your partner. Are you falling out of love with your partner? Now is your chance to find out by taking our quiz.


Do you still get along with your partner?

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Do you still enjoy getting intimate with your partner?

Do you still fancy your partner when they are away?

Do you still tell your secrets to your partner?

Do you still do things together as a couple?

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Do you still say romantic words to each other?

Do you feel happy when someone talks about your partner?

Do you still laugh at each other’s jokes?

Do you still feel safe around your partner?

Do you feel like you can still spend 5 years with your partner?

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Are You Falling Out Of Love?
Your relationship is still going strong

There are no issues in your relationship, and things with your partner are still going well. You're still in love with each other, and you've got a lot of plans in the works for your shared future. You're still very close and always show up together at family functions or parties, and you're always courteous of one another. You will never stop loving your partner because they know how to take your relationship to the next level.
You haven't fallen out of love you are just going through a lot lately

You're still very much in love with them, but you're dealing with some personal issues and don't have time to be romantic right now. You need some attention too and this could be your partner's opportunity to show you how much they adore you. It is obvious that you will open up to them, and they will realize that you haven't changed one bit when it comes to how you feel about them.

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