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Am I In A Healthy Relationship Quiz

Am I In A Healthy Relationship Quiz-AffectionGuide
Am I In A Healthy Relationship Quiz-AffectionGuide

When it comes to dating, there are usually two basic categories that may be used to categorize all relationships on the relationship spectrum. You can use this method to determine whether you’re in a healthy or unhealthy relationship. We would all be in a happy, respectful relationship in a perfect world, but that isn’t always the case. Do you know where you want your relationship to go? It’s vital to detect the red flags in order to avoid getting into a hazardous situation. To find out if you and your partner are in a healthy relationship, take this am i in a healthy relationship quiz.


Does your partner ever lie, manipulate, and skew the truth?

Has your partner ever been unfaithful during your relationship?

Has your partner ever demanded access to your social media or other personal accounts?

How would you describe your comfort level with your partner?

Has your partner ever unexpectedly showed up when you said you were going out with friends?

Am I In A Healthy Relationship Quiz
You appear to be in a healthy relationship.

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It's fantastic that your relationship appears to be in good shape and has a good balance. You appreciate each other's privacy, support each other's goals, and recognize the need of personal space. Honesty, trust, commitment, and understanding are hallmarks of your partnership. You and your partner both have all you need to make your relationship work.
You appear to be in an unhealthy relationship.

If you haven't noticed the red flags yet, they've been right in front of your eyes the entire time. Because you and your partner lack trust, communication, and calmness in stressful situations, it appears that you are in an unhealthy relationship. Your partner looks to have domineering characteristics, and you may even feel compelled to participate in situations that make you uncomfortable.

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