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A Review of Text Chemistry by Amy North

A Review of Text Chemistry by Amy North-AffectionGuide
A Review of Text Chemistry by Amy North-AffectionGuide

It’s 2022, and trying to date without texting is all but impossible. Amy North’s Text Chemistry online program is a guide for thousands of women who are dating and are looking to improve their love life through improved texting skills.

Who is Amy North?

Before we get into the review of the program, it’s important to touch on who exactly Amy North is and why you should listen to her when it comes to matters of the heart. Amy lives in Canada and has a bachelor’s degree in Social Psychology. She is also a recognized and successful relationship coach. She has good online reviews for her personal services along with several of her programs. Give her a google if you’d like more information!

What’s Included in the Text Chemistry Program?

Purchasing this program will get you a 3 part ebook called Text Chemistry, access to a 13 part video series, and 3 additional bonus ebooks for a grand total of $49.95. It sure is a lot of content for the price, and after reading through, it is well written and researched.

The Text Chemistry eBook

The first thing you get with the Text Chemistry program is the main Text Chemistry ebook that is divided into 3 main parts.

Part 1: The Rules for Texting

In part one of the main ebook, Amy sets the stage for everything to follow. She reviews the “rules” of texting that she has discovered over the years and how they specifically relate to women texting men. While we’re all familiar with texting and the general rules of texting, this ebook opened my eyes to certain information I hadn’t considered as important prior to reading.

The Rules for Texting-AffectionGuide
The Rules for Texting-AffectionGuide

Part 1 of the ebook goes in-depth on the rules of texting. The sections are:

Texting Mistakes

Amy starts off the ebook by writing and discussing common texting mistakes that women make when trying to court men. She discusses over-texting, passive-aggressive texting, boring texting, confusing texting, and inappropriate texting. While these types of texts are often understood to be negative and inappropriate, Amy discusses the nuances of how they apply to the dating world specifically.

Through the use of examples and her own experiences, she is able to help the reader understand when they may be sending these types of messages without even realizing it. Online dating can be stressful, and communicating via text makes it hard to infer the tone of the sender. After reading, I noticed one type of boring text that I send too often.

The Perfect Text Recipe: Sugar Spice and Everything Nice

In The Perfect Text Recipe section of part one, after discussing texting mistakes, Amy goes on to show the reader how they can craft a well-written text message. She covers tips and tricks for texting and offers her acronym “RULES” to remember it by.

RULES stands for:

R – Review and revise

U – Use visual language

L – Leave him wanting more

E – Excite him

S – Stay positive

While these sound straightforward and simple, there are rules for the RULES. Amy breaks down every component of a good text that she would personally send to a man to keep him interested. While it may take a little longer to send a text, you’ll know that you’re sending a good text and not falling into the common traps of relationship texting!

How Long Should You Wait Before You Text Him?

In section 3 of part 1, Amy reviews the age-old question of how long should I wait before I text back? I won’t spoil it here, but her answer surprised me. I thought I had a good handle on texting and timing, but based on Amy’s information, I still have a few things to learn.

Emojis: Yay or Nay?

Emojis are one of the more polarizing things you can send in a text message or use in any form of online communication. Amy goes into depth with specific examples on when to use them, how to use them, and most importantly, which emojis to choose and which to avoid. Just because you feel one way about a particular emoji doesn’t mean everyone you send it to will get the same message. Knowing they are open to interpretation helps you use the right emojis at the right time.

Part 2: What to Text Men to Attract and Win Them Over

Part 2 of the ebook goes into specifics of the different texts you send men in a romantic setting. Amy has fully categorized these texts into different, useful categories, and you can tell there was a lot of thought that went into the list when reading the material. She groups the different types of texts into different stages of the relationship.

What to Text Men to Attract-AffectionGuide
What to Text Men to Attract-AffectionGuide

The Early Days

These texts are the ones you send when you’re initially pursuing someone or being pursued by someone. They contain several different messages from “fueling his engine” texts to “comical” and “crystal ball” texts. Each type of text serves the same common goal of getting a relationship up and running. Amy also goes into what not to send a man in the early stages of texting, and explains why with her own evidence.

The Dating Days: “Shooting for the Stars” Texts

So, you’ve started dating someone new, and need assistance keeping things on track. The texts that Amy discusses here range from “game on” texts to “tantalizing” and “mercy” texts, each with its own unique purpose.

Although I found the names of the types of texts somewhat goofy, the actual content within each chapter is concrete and backed by her experiences as well as her client’s experiences. Any message you are trying to get across can be helped along by the examples in this ebook. I found the specifics entertaining to read, and most importantly, they made sense.

The Long Run: “Keeping the Chemistry Ablaze” Texts

These are the texts that are meant to keep things spicy and interested over the long haul. If you’re in a committed and romantic relationship and find yourself constantly sending the same texts to your man, these are just what the doctor ordered.

Part 3: What to Text Him When…

The first two parts of this ebook cover texting etiquette, and texts for different stages of a relationship. Part 3 goes much deeper into specific situations that you might encounter during a relationship and has answers for every one of them.

What to Text Him-AffectionGuide
What to Text Him-AffectionGuide

Themes like “When he cancels plans on you”, “When he’s had a rough day”, “When you want him to comfort you”, and even “When you think he’s misinterpreting your texts” are only a few of these situations touched on in part 3 of the ebook.

For every time you’ve looked at your phone and thought, “I wish I knew how to respond to that”, Amy has a section to match.

Bonus Content

In addition to the main Text Chemistry ebook, every purchase includes access to bonus features not found anywhere else on the internet.

13 Part Video Series

In Amy’s included 13 part video series, she goes in-depth with audio and video content that backs up the points made in each of her chapters in the ebook. There are links embedded in the different sections of the ebook so that you can watch the relevant video content at the same time you are digesting the reading.

If you are only looking for videos and don’t like to read, you will not get the full experience of the relationship program. While watching the videos themselves was informative, they are there to supplement your reading from the ebook instead of replacing it. Amy may do a program with only video content in the future but has found most of her audience prefers the combination of text and video.

3 Bonus Downloadable eBooks

And that’s not all! Honestly, for the price I paid for the overall program, I would be content only receiving the Text Chemistry ebook and the video series. Amy also includes 3 bonus ebooks with your purchase, all having to do with dating in the 21st century.

The first book, Tinder Success Secrets, is full of insider knowledge regarding Tinder profile and how to make yourself stand out from the masses. Amy discusses profile tips, the Tinder algorithm, and provides a few tricks and tips that are likely to help anyone struggling with getting matches on Tinder.

The second bonus ebook that you get with the program is Why Men Leave, which discusses common reasons that men remove themselves from relationships. It may sound like, from the title, that the blame is being placed on the woman, but Amy remains neutral and understands that many relationships come to an end because they simply weren’t working.

Lastly, you also receive a copy of The Phone Game which is essentially a more concise version of the Text Chemistry book but for phone calls. Amy goes into depth on the different types of phone conversations and how to present yourself as best you can on each phone call.

Phone conversations-AffectionGuide
Phone conversations-AffectionGuide

Should You Buy Text Chemistry?

In all honesty, yes, I enjoyed the material very much and feel it’s great value for money. You can tell that this ebook took a lot of time to put together and to write, and there’s no sense of regret after finishing the entire program. I actually had a chance to test out a few of the texting tips and even found myself referencing Part 3 when I had someone ghost me.

If you’re not sold, the program offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, which is way more than enough time to evaluate it and determine if you like it. If you don’t feel the same way I do, you can get a free refund no questions asked.

So overall, I’d highly recommend this program to anyone having a hard time texting men to help them understand what’s really going on in various situations.

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