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22 Tips That Will Make Your Crush Fall for you Hard! – Part 2

Tips That Will Make Your Crush Fall for you-AffectionGuide
Tips That Will Make Your Crush Fall for you-AffectionGuide
Falling in love is like stumbling across a rare and wondrous treasure, right? You might have met them somewhere or just got lucky with your best friend arranging an amazing blind date. But either way, it is like the universe has opened floodgates to let your eyes see all the new possibilities. And even if things never get serious between the two of you – there is no denying that falling for someone is one of the most freeing and exhilarating feelings we can experience. The trick (and this is true for any relationship) is to make sure there are no barriers between the two of you because once love strikes – it comes on hard and fast!Being a part 2 of the series, this blog continues on the things that you can do in order to make your crush fall for you.

12. Show That You Are Compatible

When trying to impress someone, it is ideal to include activities in your schedule that match up with things you know they love doing. If the guy you are crushing on is a workaholic and there is not much time for anything else, try arranging a get-together during his rare day off.
Show That You Are Compatible-AffectionGuide
Show That You Are Compatible-AffectionGuide
This can be done in a bid to show him that spending time with you can also be very productive. Or if the girl you are after is enthusiastic about trekking and other such outdoor activities, then demonstrate your willingness.Suggest that she meet you at a cafe or restaurant where you could discuss and brainstorm a plan for a fun outdoor adventure together.Instead of trying to better fit their present lifestyle, consider showing them how your own qualities would enrich the other person’s life.If you find someone who is passionate about environmental issues, for example, demonstrate your willingness to “go green” by giving up some of your current habits in favor of his or her.By convincing the person they are dating that making an environmental change with you would be easy, not only can you turn them into a more environmentally friendly individual, but it makes it easier for the two of you to spend more time together in that way!

13. Make Them Feel Jealous

Feeling jealous is not always a terrible thing because, in truth, love is often expressed when these feelings rise to the surface. People might not realize they like you until they become jealous of someone else. It can come as a surprise to you at first but when you stop a while and think about it; it makes perfect sense!Love is an emotion that involves another person, so when people experience one feeling for another person, jealousy provides an astute observation into how their emotions are changing. So next time, if you want to guess who wants to be yours, just guess who wants you to.Making someone jealous can often reveal something they might not realize about their feelings for you. A lot of people do not realize that they even feel a spark until somebody else comes along and shows them that a person in their life is available and interested in somebody else.Jealousy can be a powerful catalyst to knowing one’s true feelings. This is often one of the first emotions that come into play before someone realizes the extent to which they feel strongly about you.

14. Make Their Friends, Your Friends

This part is crucial. It is easy to get nervous when you have to speak with your crush about how you feel. One effective way to get over this aspect of insecurity is by talking to their friends first. If they are close enough that they can clue you in on everything there is to know before upgrading conversations from just the two of you back into being inclusive of others.People are more comfortable being open about truly being themselves around people they have known for quite some time. So, it should come as no surprise that friends or peers can help pave the way for the significant other who may not see you the same way as of now.Not only that, going through their friends to reach your crush means that they will be filled in on who you are – an effective way to create an impression if you do not know what else to say!If you want them to start seeing you in a whole new light, be sure to talk with their friends! They will be able to help your relationship blossom into something utterly amazing if only you let them!

15. Stay Connected with Them

It is best to keep in contact with interested people by text messaging. Sending a “hello” once in a while can be greatly beneficial. Texting allows the lines of communication between you both to stay open, which can lead to a lot of wonderful things.
Stay Connected with Them-AffectionGuide
Stay Connected with Them-AffectionGuide
In addition, texting takes away the stress of having yet another conversation with someone who interests you, especially if talking feels intimidating! Also, it allows you to flirt without really knowing whether your ideas are going over well or not – which is fun!Things could progress much faster when the fear of getting the cold shoulder over in person does not have to be an immediate concern.Texting is a wonderful way to remain in constant communication with people, schedule hangouts, and keep the flow of communication open as opposed to feeling like you are hanging on by a thread. It gets rid of your nerves when confronting others face-to-face, allowing you to flirt without fear of being rejected.

16. Spend More & More Time with Them

If you want your crush to like you, then they will need to get to know you. You will need to spend time with them, so they learn about who you are and what makes you tick. The idea is that they should come to fully appreciate your charm and all your quirks in time, but if not, then perhaps it is not fated for the two of you due to incompatibilities in your personalities or interests.Perhaps further interactions could help either party realize this, but if not, it might be best for one side to move on earlier than later in the relationship. Thus, one needs more ways these days for dating tips in Singapore, the city which also has several ways that will actually not disappoint when it comes down to this kind of thing.

17. Get to Know Them Better

The best way to know if there is a mutual attraction is to simply get to know each other better. Pay attention, ask questions about their past, study body language and listen carefully to everything they say (and what they do not say). The best thing for someone who likes you is to take the time to get to know you better since not all people are capable of showing how they really feel directly.
Get to Know Them Better-AffectionGuide
Get to Know Them Better-AffectionGuide
Today, chances are you will meet someone who instantly makes your heart skip a beat or gives you that tingling sensation in your stomach just because they are sitting across from you. The problem is that not everyone thinks the same way as you do – especially when it comes to feelings. So, just because someone’s charisma overwhelms you, does not mean that they feel the same way!

18. Put Your Phone Away

Do not approach your crush while using your phone. If you tend to get nervous in front of others, it may be tempting to use your phone, so you have something to do with your hands. However, do not do this! It will only make the awkward situation worse. Dealing with this time is important so that you can slow down and focus on making a good impression on them during this encounter.Being nervous can actually lead to some funny moments that you might or might not need to videotape for future amusement. But regardless of the funny situations, do not let your nerves get the best of you and ruin any chances of talking to your crush by being on your phone. Use the opportunity to talk with them instead so you can actually get to know each other.

19. Be Fun to be around!

You must have probably noticed that you automatically want to be around other people who are having a fun time. This is because everyone wants in on the fun! The more fun you make in any situation; the more people will crave your presence. The more they want to be included in an enjoyable activity, the more they will like you for making it fun.
Be Fun to be around-AffectionGuide
Be Fun to be around-AffectionGuide
Everyone wants to be around such positive people because it makes them feel good just by being in their presence too. Being the source of everyone’s fun means others will be attracted to you and may even aspire to be like you. That is why we say, “fun attracts fun.”

20. Be a bit More Adventurous!

Sometimes it can be helpful to bring out your best qualities, whether that is the fact that you are talented with watercolors or that you have got a cute, unique fashion sense. But sometimes it is better if you let someone else steer the ship and give them something to be impressed by – like your talent for daring acts or how well you have done in school.Being involved in extracurricular activities shows that you are energetic, and you do not shy away from challenging work! Be sure to highlight all of these wonderful things on your profile to position yourself as the ideal partner for face-to-face dates with people who are looking for someone fun, spontaneous, and outgoing.And do not forget to highlight some positive characteristics on yourself so your crush will see how great of a time they will have when they get together.But if you cannot win their affections that way, do not fret! There are plenty of ways for you to capture someone’s heart that does not involve you having to change your personality completely.

21. Tell Your Crush How You Feel

Crushing on someone is fine and you will always like that person no matter what happens. However, you should try and move things along once you feel the time is right. If they are not receptive to your feelings, it might be time to let them go and shift your focus elsewhere.Your crush will always be your crush. But never forget that time finally has a way of complicating matters! We know because we have been there, but if you happen to catch your special someone off guard and they happen to be willing to give it a shot with you, you should tell them exactly how you feel. If not, do not waste any more time trying to convince them because at the end of the day, sometimes (and yes, we have been there too), it is simply better to move on. After all, nothing beats meeting the “one” who makes us happy in many other ways that are important!
Tell Your Crush How You Feel-AffectionGuide
Tell Your Crush How You Feel-AffectionGuide

22. Their Feelings Do Not Reflect Your Reality

We all want to feel accepted by at least one person in our lives, or even better loved. It is natural that when we care about someone, we want them to feel the same way. However, it can be stressful to invest so much time and energy into someone who does not share similar feelings.The best way to deal with a crush you have on a coworker/friend/anyone is to tell them how you really feel and see if they feel the same way. If their answer is no, do not become harsh on yourself! You will get over it eventually and there is always next time for something good to happen in your life. In the event that you get rejected, try not to take it too personally.This might make it easier for you to accept their decision without feeling too hurt or disheartened. To help get yourself back on your feet after this uncomfortable situation, make sure you pamper yourself a little bit. After all, rejection is not fun at all but thankfully there is plenty of other fish in the sea!
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